It all starts with 3 things: paper, a design idea, and measurements.

After I have the design and measurements finished I cut all of the wood needed for that piece and start to build the frame.

When there is tufting involved, I have to determine the amount of buttons for that specific piece and create the layout. Once that is finished, I can move on to the upholstery work. From cutting the fabric to tufting the fabric, making any changes along the way that I need to make.

Each step is an important one. I cannot skip along and hurry to the finish line. Some pieces are more intricate and take longer to create. But each piece is important and I spent a good amount of time making sure my customers are happy with it.

It is an amazing feeling knowing that I have helped a customer finish their room(s) with that one piece they simply couldn't find in stores.


My wife and I enjoy going shopping for antique furniture. It may look old and outdated but we know once I am done with them they will look beautiful, unique, and one of a kind!

You would think reupholstery is easier but actually it isn't. Instead of starting from scratch to create a new piece, you have to learn about the existing piece. Are there any broken parts? Is it so old that the foam, fiber, etc. all needs to be replaced? Do I have to fix the stain or paint? These are just some of the questions I ask myself before I can actually upholster this beautiful piece.

When reupholstering a piece brought to me by a customer, we have to determine the amount of fabric and any changes they might want to make. There is a creative process for reupholstering just like there is for a new custom piece.

There is something so satisfying helping someone enjoy that old chair they inherited from their precious grandmother. You know the one that you can't part with but does not match the decor in your house? We can make it work for you! Because ultimately, we want you to keep your memories and your stylish decor.